Classe & Gusto Hotels and other hospitality facilities are a new and unique way to taste Italy and its products, its food, its territory.


    A Classe & Gusto guest is immersed in a eno-gastronomic experience of the territory from breakfast with local products to the v


    Classe & Gusto offers affiliated hospitality companies an international marketing service through tourism agencies specialized in eno-gas


As well as Relais & Chateaux Hotels guarantee quality and luxury, as the Romantik Hotel guarantee a romantic setting, Classe & Gusto ensures that the participating structures guarantee not only the comfort and the welcome, but above all the articulated usability of various services of what Italy is famous for all over the world:



Classe & Gusto guarantees to the participating structures a sale to the most interesting segments of the international market through a network of tourist agencies specialized in eno-gastronomic tourism.


Being a Classe & Gusto hospitality unit means belonging to a network of exercises that offer eno-gastronomic immersive packages.
Visits reserved for customers to food and wine companies, immersive experiences in production (for example: a day of harvest or a night on the fishermen's boat), food museums, traditional work tools museums, restaurants and taverns specifically selected and NOT "affiliated", assistance in the selection of products of the territory, and agreements with travel agencies specialized in eno-gastronomic tourism mainly for foreign clients.

Promises to the Guest

Quality standards

All the Classe & Gusto hospitality facilities guarantee compliance with precise quality standards and integration with the food and wine culture of their territory.
Should you find, during your stay, serious non-compliance with the promised, you will be entitled to reimbursement of the stay.

Experiences and emotions

In a Classe&Gusto welcome we guarantee you an experience of enjoying those spiritual and material pleasures that only Italian culture can express with its monumental and landscape beauties and the flavors and scents of local product.
You will be accompanied to know the food and wine companies of the place where you can, if you want, try real experiences, like harvesting or taking part in a fishing trip. Or just visit the company.
You will be assisted in the purchase of local products and visit of specially selected restaurants and taverns (NOT mere economic agreements)
We'll let you savor the true taste of italian tradition.

Local quality

Classe & Gusto guarantees that you will find a moderate-sized reception facility, with a warm welcome in a quiet and comfortable environment.
At the reception and at breakfast you will find agricultural and food artisan products of the territory or Italy anyway



Tasteful welcome

You will be welcomed friendly 

You will also be given the "Map of Delights": the description of local typical products, their characteristics and variations, "right" addresses, restaurants, recipes, but above all all the services that are guaranteed to know and taste all these products.



Will offered a breakfast in the structure or in partner facilities.

Breakfast of excellent quality, with significant presence  of the territory  regional products or even artisanal from other Italian regions

Experiential initiatives

Your Classe&Gusto structure will organize a series of visits to producers and wineries for you and other guests; dispoding activities as cooking lessons in restaurants and trattorias, but also visits to the tradition museums, take part in the harvest or a fishing trip.
In short, all those initiatives that will allow you an immersive experience in the italian culture of food and wine.
All visits and other initiatives are reserved for you and other Classe&Gusto guests.

Good eating

The Classe&Gusto structure will indicate, in addition to their own catering, the places to eat better in the surrounding area. No "convention", nothing taken on by the guides.
Only selected and controlled places to eat well on the territory.

Choose well

The Classe&Gusto structure will indicate, in addition to what it may offer itself, manufacturers and shops where to find the best local products.
You will be provided with all the tips and criteria to choose well.

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